COACHING: International Training & Certification

The essence of coaching is working with goals and developing the skills to achieve them.

The aim of coaching is to unlock the potential of a person enabling their best performance
by helping them to learn for themselves (rather than simply “teaching” them). Maximizing
awareness, personal responsibility and self confidence are the goals of a coach.

Today, Coaching has the meaning of training others by helping them to engage and
have enthusiasm in the achievement of their goals. The word carries the idea of helping
someone move out of a current state and to obtain a desired state.

Benefits Personal level:
  • Improve the quality of personal relationships
  • Increase self-confidence, effective life-skills and self-satisfaction
  • Increase possibilities for self-fulfillment through the formulation of goals and principles
  • based on authentic values
  • Stimulation of the ability to manage your lives
  • Professional level:
  • Development of a platform for meaningful and rewarding achievement- the basis for
  • personal, professional and financial success
  • Provides coaches, consultants and facilitators the opportunity to develop excellence in
  • management and leadership in the improvement of human potential and accelerated
  • Innovation
WEBSITE: http://worldcoaching.org/